Poster Presentation at Tropentag Conference


1.) Donkor,E., Frei, M., Ndindeng, S.A, Van Der Straeten, D., Matthys, C., Fernie, A.R., de-Magistris, T., Teixeira, P., Ojukwu, C., Traore, P.S., Djouaka, R., Chacha, S., HervĂ©, M.K., Diby, P.Z., Danquah,I., Rodrigue, K., Jordan, I., Elia, K., Grenov, B., Kiio, J., Haris, P. I., Gechev, T. (2023). Combating malnutrition in Africa through diversification of the food systems. Paper accepted for poster presentation at Tropentag, September 20-22, hybrid conference, Berlin, Germany. “Competing pathways for equitable food systems transformation: trade-offs and synergies”

Poster available online

Abstract available online