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Visit to CERFAM in Ivory Coast

Delighted to have met Le Centre d’Excellence Régional contre la Faim et la Malnutrition (CERFAM) – our consortium partner leading HD4A’s work on mapping, improving, and monitoring changes in policy as well as promoting engagement for healthy diets – at their office in Abidjan, Coted’Ivoire. It was a fruitful encounter with encouraging words shared by CERFAM’s Director, Dr. Marc Nene, who reiterated CERFAM’s commitment to the project’s success, and continuing the excellent collaboration.

Policy and Communications is an important part of the HD4A project as effective policies plays a pivotal role in shaping healthier diets by establishing guidelines, regulations, and incentives that promote the consumption of nutritious foods. Policies can influence various aspects of food production, marketing, distribution, and access, and with communications and awareness raising, can ultimately impact consumer choices and behaviours.