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Kick-off workshop of HealthyDiets4Africa Project

Our kick-off workshop took place from March 20-24th, 2023 in a quiet, tranquil, and beautiful castle in Rauischolzhausen, Giessen, Germany. Over 50 participants (including universities, research institutions, international organizations, development organizations and non-governmental organizations) from 12 different African countries and 8 European countries attended this great workshop to share ideas. It was wonderful to meet great, friendly, and loving experts from Africa and Europe. The workshop was an unforgettable experience for us. After the workshop all partners were enthusiastic and full of energy to start their respective activities in their countries.


Prof. Dr. Michael Frei, the project coordinator, giving an opening speech at the inception workshop at Rauischolzhausen, Giessen.


Prof Dr. Dr. Martin Kramer, the vice president for research and graduate studies at Justus Liebig Universit├Ąt Giessen, giving an open speech at the workshop.


Alina Kozacenko, our EU project officer, giving a presentation at the workshop.


Living lab, food tasting session at the kick-off workshop.


A visit to Justus-Liebig Universit├Ąt Giessen Farm at Rauischolzhausen.


Cluster 1 meeting (Mapping & monitoring dietary diversity and determinants of dietary diversity within food environment): brainstorming session during the kick-off workshop


Cluster 2 meeting (Nutrient diversity in traditional and novel foods, diversifying agricultural production and food processing): brainstorming session during the kick-off workshop.


Cluster 3 meeting (co-design & acceptability of diversified diets, enhancing food safety through dietary diversification, impacts of diversification on health outcomes): brainstorming session during the kick-off workshop.


Cluster 4 meeting (scaling, policies & communication): brainstorming session during the kick-off workshop.