University of Dschang

Who We Are

The University of Dschang (UDS) is a public scientific and cultural institution founded in 1993. Its missions are teaching, research and support of development. UDS has a crucial role in rural development training in central Africa region but also in its research collaborations. Neighbouring countries such as Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon bring their students to Dschang. It is increasingly involved in regional training and collaborative research with international agencies such as IITA, ILRI, and ICIPE. Dschang’s bilingual capacity is a major asset. This university possesses around 14,000 students which study in several fields. The staff consists of 500 lecturers, 550 support staffs distributed in 40 departments and 7 faculties and schools. Among those faculties, the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences is involved in the HealthyDiets4Africa Project.

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What We Do in the Project

In the HealthyDiets4Africa project, the UDS is involved in the following tasks:

  • The development of a cropping system for selected local underutilize crops, valorisation of Agri waste as biofertilizer, development of feed formula using Agri waste for small scale farmer to enhance healthy food production.
  • The development of innovation in relation to healthy diet production and consumption with emphasis on development of sustainable business model.

Our Project Team

Dr Mube K. Hervé
Animal Scientist, Task Manager

Prof Tohnain Nobert
Rural Sociologist, Team member

Pr Oben Frizt
Soil Scientist, Team Member

Prof Tchekote Hervé
Project Management, Team member

Dr Djabou Stephanie
Crops Scientist,Team Member

Dr Ndomou H. Serge
Food Security, Team Member

Dr Nappi W. Hervé
Rural Sociologist, Team member

Ms Dongmo Blanche
Financial Officer, Team Member