University of Copenhagen

Who We Are

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) was founded in 1479 and today has 37,000 students and 10,000 employees – of whom more than 5,000 are researchers. Ten Nobel Prizes have been awarded to researchers at the University.

The Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports has expertise in performing human studies in all age groups with a strong track record of studies in infants and children. The research group in Pediatric and International Nutrition has special expertise in performing studies in low-income settings and is involved in the HealthyDiets4Africa project.

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What We Do in the Project

We will mainly contribute to:

  • Identifying health effects of indigenous and novel foods (WP 7.1)
  • Assessing effects of food interventions/diversified diets on growth and body composition in stunted children (WP 7.3)
  • Assessing adoption of food recipes on more diverse complementary foods and effects of these complementary foods on dietary diversity, nutrient adequacy and nutritional status of 6-23 month-old children (WP 5.2).

Our Project Team

Benedikte Grenov, PhD
Associate Professor, Investigator

Nanna Roos, PhD
Associate Professor, Investigator

Gabino Maximo Casas Casanova
Financial Administrator

Inge Birgit Rasmussen
Medical Lab Technician