Food Security for Peace and Nutrition-Africa

Who We Are

Food Security for Peace and Nutrition Africa (FSPN-Africa) is a Non-Governmental Organization established and registered in accordance to section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act in Kenya. FSPN-Africa (as commonly referred) was founded in October 2015 and granted official registration on 30th of January 2019 and has since rolled out to transforming lives through climate smart and nutrition sensitive Agriculture. Through our research, needs assessment and experience overtime, FSPN-Africa exclusively works with youth and women at the grassroots level towards sustainable food and nutrition security through our guided approaches including research and development, community education and sensitization, technology and innovation   and policy advocacy.  Our mission is to deliver sustainable food and nutrition security for peaceful coexistence across Africa by promoting partnerships with other stakeholders to support youth and women in Agriculture. We are currently driving and supporting food and nutrition solutions in Kenya and Tanzania.

For more information, visit: FSPN

What We Do in the Project

In the HealthyDiets4Africa project, FSPN-Africa is involved in the following tasks:

– Community capacity building on Food Safety.

– Establishing Multistakeholder Innovation Platform and Youth Agri-business Hub in Kenya for healthy diets production and commercialization in Kenya.

– Facilitate linkages to support, extension and market services for youth and women for healthy diets production and commercialization.

Our Project Team

Sharon, Chacha
Agri-nutrition Innovations Management, Project Coordinator



Kalvince, Otieno
Innovations Management, Leadership and Agri-business Management

Arthur, Wamani
Farm Food Safety Research, Agricultural Research and Training


Hamis Said, Hincha
Capacity Building and Development, Monitoring Evaluation and Learning

Irene, Jahenda
Living Lab Stakeholder Management, Strategic Management

Bernadict, Isiaho
Digital Products & Technology Support, Nutrition Communication



John, Kanyanjua
Finance Assistant, Finance and IT

Alfred, Akwany