Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragón

Who We are

The Agricultural Farm of Zaragoza, which was created in 1881, is the origin of the Agri-Food Research and Technology Centre of Aragon.  CITA was created in 2002 as a public agri-food and environmental research body attached to the Government of Aragon. It is part of the INIA_CCAA system. The national network of agricultural and food research and technology centres, together with centres in 16 other autonomous communities. CITA conducts research in four main strategic areas: Sustainability of Agricultural and Forestry Systems, Global Change, Global Health, and Agri-Food Systems of the Future. CITA has a staff of 249 people, 54% of whom are women and 46% men. Approximately 60 people are staff researchers. CITA has 2 large Germplasm Banks of Fruit and Horticultural species. At CITA, the Agro-food economic Unit is directly involved in HealthyDiets4Africa.

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What we do in the Project

In the project, CITA is involved in the following task:

– Evaluating consumer acceptance and adoption of diversified sustainable food products that support human health (WP leader)

Our Project Team

Dr. Tiziana de Magistris
Principal investigator and Work Package Leader 5

Pilar Uldemolins
PhD student, Agricultural Economist



Arturo Daudén Ibáñez
Coordinator Project officer at CITA

Elisa Gállego Satué
Financial Administrator

Eva Herrero Mallen
Technician project officer at Cita