Agribusiness Vocational Training Centre

Who We Are

AVTC is a professional vocational training center founded in 2015. Its missions are to reduce unemployment among youth through the creation of new jobs opportunities and to improve on the well-being of communities and the valorization of local plants. To achieve its missions, AVTC focuses on three main activities: professional training, business, and research. Pursuant to professional training and business, young people are trained in agricultural entrepreneurship with the use of local materials at low cost, while targeting sectors with high potential market access. The center serves as a host institute for interns from universities and other agricultural training institutions while easing research for MSc and PhD students, researchers, and university lecturers. AVTC collaborates with grassroot organizations and international organizations such as IITA and GIZ. The Center has seven operational production units: off farm gardening, an aeroponic green-house, processing, poultry, fishponds, black soldier flies, pig farming.

What We Do in the Project

In the HealthyDiets4Africa project, AVTC is involved in the following tasks:

  • Diversification of cropping system and improvement of food processing and storage
  • Identification of ready-to-scale healthy diet innovations and know-how
  • Developing and adapting innovations in relation to healthy diet production and consumption, development of sustainable business model.

Our Project Team

Kamga Rodrigue
Agro-socio-economic Engineer, Task Manager

Bemmo Sidione
Rural Sociologist, Training Manager

Metiofe Derick
Agronomist, Assistant Training Member

Ngassa Gabrièle
Agricultural engineer, Crop production Manager

Seguedie Paulin
Animal Nutrition Specialist, Animal Production Manager

Kenakoui Tatiana
Accountancy, Accountant

Mayba Fongang

Haiwa Rigobert
Animal Breeding Technician, Production Assistant