Africa Rice Centre

Who We Are

The Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice) is a CGIAR Research Center – part of a global research partnership for a food-secure future. It is also an intergovernmental association of African member countries.  AfricaRice was founded in 1971 with locations in Cote d‘Iviore (Abidjan Headquarters & Bouake), Senegal (Saint Louis), Nigeria (Ibadan, Abuja), Uganda (Kampala), Liberia (Suakoko), and Madagascar (Antananarivo) with about 200 staff including 33 internationally recruited staff. The mission of AfricaRice is to contribute to poverty alleviation and food security in Africa, through research, development and partnership activities aimed at increasing the productivity and profitability of the rice-based food systems in ways that ensure the sustainability of the farming environment in ways that ensure the sustainability of the farming environment.

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What We Do in the Project

In the project, AfricaRice is involved in the following tasks:

  • Identify underutilized species and support in nutrient analysis
  • Test rice-fish, rice-vegetable, and rice-legume systems to enhance the productivity of smallholder farming systems.
  • Analyze effect of processing methods and nutritional quality
  • Examine consumer attitudes towards novel healthy foods through choice experiments
  • Validate gender-inclusive business models to support the production and marketing of healthy diets
  • Identify ready to scale innovations and evaluate their readiness to scale
  • Setup diversified healthy diet scaling infrastructure.

Our Project Team

Dr. Sali Atanga, Ndindeng
Cluster 4 (Scaling and Outreach) Lead, Food Quality and Post-harvest

Dr. Edgar Twine
Consumer preferences and acceptance of novel foods


Dr Marie Noelle, Ndjiondjop
Germplasm characterization, Geneticist

Dr Aminou Arouna
Baseline, Impact Assessment, Policy gap analysis and policy tool design

Cropping systems evaluation

Dr. Gaudiose, Mujawamariya
Consumer preference, Gender research

Dr. Elliott Dossou-Yovo
Diversification options on farmers’ fields and coordination of Liberia Living lab

Francine Famey
Communication & Outreach Manager

Leny Medenilla
Planning and Budget Manager

Guillaume Zeze
Senior Accountant